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International English Speaking Christian Church

Golgota Pécs

International English Speaking Church


We are an international Christian church that teaches the Bible verse-by-verse, looking closely at who God is and how we should respond to that revelation. Every teaching, prayer, and worship is offered with translation (English & Hungarian) from the front. Come as you are and join a family of saints & sinners that is continually seeking to be transformed into disciples (followers of Jesus) who love God and love others.

Our Sunday morning service includes worship, a verse-by-verse teaching of the Bible, and monthly communion. Service usually lasts around an hour and a half.

In case you’re curious, the atmosphere is casual. You may come dressed formally or in your shorts and tennis shoes. We believe God is concerned with the heart and not the way people are dressed.

Whether you’re a long-time believer, someone who’s never been to church before, or anywhere in between: all are welcome!

If you have any other questions about the service, shoot us an email at stanzel.balazs@golgotapecs.hu and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Otherwise, come by one Sunday and meet our church family!

Vision & Values


  We have a simple vision for our church. We long to love God, learn about Him, and love others well as a result. Isaiah 61 is the vision we hold for our church as we see that Jesus came to bind up the brokenhearted, make much of God with our redemption from our sin,  and sent us out to repair ruined cities and the devastation of many   generations, ultimately joining the worship of God among all nations.

We love learning together as we lay down our “cultural Christian” traditions that we bring from our varying backgrounds, to learn together with people from all nations what it means to love God and love one another and honor God and honor one another.




Golgota Pécs was started by Horváth Kávai Árpád in 2001 when he, along with an international team, planted the church. It moved several locations over the years and continued to offer a place for people to experience the love Christ offers. In 2007, after being called to move to another ministry, Árpád turned the church over to Balázs. He continues pastoring the church today. In 2009, a student from Nigeria (from one of the first English medical scholarship classes in Pécs), approached Leah in a store asking if she knew where an English-speaking church was in the city. Not knowing of any, Balázs and Leah offered to host an English-speaking Bible study in their home. This student, along with several Hungarians wanting to improve their English, were the start of Golgota Pécs’s journey into becoming the international church it is today. We now, during any given semester, have students from many nations in attendance as well as a core group of Hungarians who call this church their home.

English and Hungarian Church Staff

Balázs & Leah Stanzel

Balázs grew up in a small village near Budapest. Leah is an American who comes from California. The two met here in Hungary and married in 2005. They have been serving at Golgota Pécs Church since 2006. Balázs became pastor of Golgota Pécs Church in 2007. They have six children, both biological and adopted. They love working in their garden, spending time with their family, and hosting people in their home.

Ákos & Hana Kondor

Ákos is a native of Pécs. Hana is a Japanese-American who grew up in multiple US States before moving to Pécs to teach English in 2015. The couple met at Golgota Pécs and married in 2016. They have two children. Ákos began serving in Golgota Pécs in 2011 and joined the pastoral staff in 2018. This couple loves being parents, drinking coffee, and hosting people in their home.

Youth pastor at International Church Pecs