International Christian Church Pécs

English-Hungarian church services

Love God and love one another, honor God and honor one another

Our services can be freely attended.

Our English speaking church services are held at

Balokány Pepita Közösségi tér


7622 Pécs

Sundays at 10:00 AM

We, as a church are involved in helping the Ukrainian refugees as much as we can.


Our work has been in different ways:

  1. Helping to transport mothers and children to safe places to connect them with distant families or friends.
  2. Offering aid to those in need near the border – material thinks like food, clothing etc.
  3. We are helping dislocated families to have a safe place in Pecs or near Pecs until the war ends. We are helping them with all their needs as much as it is possible, transportation, food, shelter, clothing and dircting them to get refugee statuses and documents as well.
  4. We have included Ukrainian to our services. Every Sunday the service is translated through headphones to Ukrainian. Ukrainian child-care is provided as well.

They are around 5 million Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

Any financial help is much appreciated.

Ministries and Opportunities

Children's ministry

We gladly welcome children from babies up to age 12 in our children’s ministry. In our church, we teach the Bible in both English and Hungarian in an age-appropriate, engaging way. Snacks, games, and love are provided each week as well.

Home group

Wednesday evenings, we have a home group for those that would enjoy getting to know others better and experience mid-week church and fellowship. We can often be found reflecting on the Sunday teachings, hearing testimonies, praying, and worshiping at these mid-week gatherings. For more info contact Balazs at:

Men's breakfast

‘…Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ (Matthew 4:4) – Of course, the bread is also important. Nourishing the body and the soul, and spending quality time in uplifting fellowship are fundamentals to living a healthy life.

More info at: Ministries


Woman's ministry

Our women’s groups include a group for women over 30, as well as groups for college age and young adults. Church discipleship groups meet at various times throughout the week and are available in both Hungarian and English.

Youth ministry

Church life has a great impact. Our youth, age 13 and up, are welcome to our youth group events every other week. Bible teaching, games, food, and fun await teenagers at our youth group.

Lighthouse at English International Church in Pecs


Lighthouse is organized by the church to have a place for the international English-speaking students to get together, worship God, and have fun. Pecs has students from all over the world and this is the place to spend time with them, honor God, honor one another, and have some fun as well.